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Randy DergeCo-Owner, Senior Repair Technician

Randy has been repairing instruments for more than 35 years.  Over that span of time, he has experienced and corrected just about every repair situation imaginable.  He is well connected to the band instrument repair world and an active member of NAPBIRT (The National Association for Band Instrument Repair Technicians).  He enjoys working on all instruments, from entry-level maintenance work to professional “tweaks,” modifications, tone-hole leveling, key-fitting and pad work.  Rebuilding saxophones is his strength and passion. 
Feel free to call (920) 857-3923 anytime during business hours and talk with Randy.  He will be happy to discuss in person or over the phone any questions or ideas you may have with your personal instrument.
Contact at: rderge@musicimc.com


With more than 56 years of combined experience, the technicians at IMC Are available to correct and improve your band instruments.  Whether it’s a quick adjustment, clean and flush, complete rebuild, modification, or restoration; we are here to provide dependable personal service.

Our objective is to return your instrument to you as quickly as possible and at a reasonable price.  Please E-mail or call during business hours to receive answers to any questions you may have.  We want to be your personal service center.

Thank You,
Randy Derge
Senior Technician
Instrumental Music Company


Adam LeGraveRepair Technician, Social Media Manager, DrumFest Coordinator

Adam, a native of Green Bay, attended the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay for 5 years, studying concert and world percussion under Dr. Cheryl Grosso. Adam then attended Western Iowa Tech Community College, graduating in 2014 with an Associate’s Degree in Band Instrument Repair. Once returning home to Green Bay, Adam started working for Instrumental Music Company, honing his skills as a repair technician. He enjoys working on all instruments, but specializes in repairing and improving percussion instruments, and is available to assess school percussion instruments and make repairs at the schools. When not repairing instruments, Adam enjoys writing and performing music with a variety of groups in the Fox Valley. He also teaches concert and marching percussion to many Green Bay area schools. He’s currently the Percussion Instructor at Pulaski High School. He can be reached at alegrave@musicimc.com.


Ultrasonic Cleaning
Instrumental Music is proud to offer the remarkable technology of an Omegasonics Music Pro Ultrasonic Cleaner. Ultrasonic cleaning technology is fast, gentle and extremely powerful. It uses microscopic cavitation bubbles and specially formulated eco-friendly solutions to search every crease and crevice of a band instrument and eliminate even stubborn or difficult-to-reach contaminants, including grease, dirt, calcifications, hydrocarbons, metal shavings, buffing/polishing compounds, carbon deposits, mold release and more. Ultrasonic technology uses absolutely no harmful chemicals.

Clean & Flush
To keep your brass instrument in the best shape and prolong its life, a yearly or bi-yearly Clean & Flush is the most effective method to maintain proper piston/slide/rotor action and slide movement. During a Clean & Flush the instrument is examined for excessive wear, loose solder joints, and corrosion. It is disassembled, given an Ultrasonic Cleaning, the interior of the slide tubes and lead pipe are bristle brushed with a detergent and the exterior slide tube surfaces and pistons/rotors are scoured to remove any remaining deposits.  The instrument is reassembled with new felts and water key bumpers and Hetman synthetic lubricants are used on the slide tubes. For an additional cost, we can polish your silver instrument. Silver cleaning includes a light hand polish of the entire instrument.

Playing Condition: Brass
Additional brass work, such as: dent work, solder joints, valve or slide work, part replacement, water key repair or modifications, is done by estimate only.

Playing Condition: Woodwind
Playing condition or other woodwind work, such as: dent work, neck/mouthpiece cork replacement, soldering, crack repair, extensive key fitting, tenon grafts, tone hole replacement, key making, or custom modifications, is done by estimate only.

Woodwind Re-pads
Your instrument is examined for cracks, key action, spring tension, and post alignment. All keys, rods, and screws are removed from the body. All pads, corks, and felts are removed from the keys. Keys are degreased and ultrasonically cleaned. Bodies are cleaned and flushed (wood instruments are hand cleaned). Keys are fitted with premium grade pads. Tenon corks are replaced with real cork and all key corks are custom made. After assembling, pads are leveled and seated. The key action is regulated and the instrument is play tested. Cases and mouthpiece are also cleaned and sanitized. Flute re-pads include a light hand polish. All re-pads include one year IMC maintenance coverage.