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Featured Bands

Debuting in 2012, Brass Differential is Green Bay's premier party band.
The group's live show features diverse setlists presented in a high energy style sure to please the most casual or sophisticated music fan.
Brass Differential's sound is steeped in the New Orleans tradition and features a spicy gumbo of musical styles, including jazz, blues, funk, R&B, soul, and
hip-hop, among others. What sets Brass Differential apart, however, is its unique horn-centered sound, anchored in the low end by the sousaphone.
The group's live experience promises
to please with blistering, abundant solos and prolific attitude. Brass Differential is currently booking shows for the upcoming year. In the meantime, enjoy browsing the website, and we'll see you at our next show.
Website: www.brassdifferential.com            



Boogie and the Yo-Yoz is a clean, drug-free, party band.  We do not conform to the limitations of a specific genre.  Nothing will stop us from playing a hard rocker, followed by a pop ballad, followed by a country song.
Horn Section: Not too many bands are able to boast a 3 piece horn section.  This allows us to play a bigger variety of tunes without sacrificing quality.  Throw in some choreography and the crowd goes wild.
Everyone Sings: Boogie & the Yo-Yoz prides itself in diversity.  We have the ability to cater to all tastes in music due to our vocal and instrumental flexibility.
Production: Every event is different, and we have the resources to accommodate every situation.  We travel with a seasoned sound company that has the ability to provide sound and lighting for crowds from 20 to 20,000.
Professionalism: Fun is the biggest perk of our job; however, we do view our performances as jobs and treat every event with the respect that it demands.
Energy: You know that phrase "give 110%?"  Well, we invented it.  We are always moving, singing, and entertaining. One 30 minute break is all we require for a full four hour show.
Though traditionally a cover band, after 17 years Boogie finally decided to start writing some original music.  We released our first album featuring original music in 2012.  The album is called "Under the Covers" and features six covers and six originals.  All of the originals were written in a different style to show our diversity and try to have something for everyone.  We are not a Pop band, a Country band, or a Rock band.  We are an Everything band.  Or I guess you could say a "Pocktry" band??  It's safe to say, whatever your musical taste, we will have something for you.
Boogie & the Yo-Yoz started performing for the masses in 1995 under our original name, Yogi & the Boo Booz.  We were named after our drummer's (Brian Yogerst) nickname (Not after that pesky bear who steals picnic baskets). Unfortunately, shortly after our inception we had a little bit of a run in with Hanna-Barbera (Yogi & Boo Boo's keepers).  Thus, the name change.  Boogie has played a variety of shows ranging from birthday parties, weddings, and local taverns to regional festivals, opening for national acts, and headlining county and state fairs.
No matter who you are or how your day was, you will have fun with us.
Website:  http://www.yoyoz.com
Download Music: I-Tunes



Big Mouth was originally formed by Jay Whitney in 1980 in and around Flint, MI. The bands focus at that time was to play an eclectic mix of blues, jazz, and original music. The band flourished for a number of years playing club dates and festivals throughout Michigan. The band stopped when a few of its members went on the road with other touring bands.

Jay Whitney moved to Door County in 1989 and formed a new Big Mouth with Pat Judy, Woody Mankowski, and Paul Sowinski in 1990. After reaching a level of success in Door County and Green Bay, the band decided to add a horn section, this being the birth of the Power Tool Horns. Over the years players have come and gone, but the band’s focus is still the same as it was originally in 1980. And everyone is still having a blast!
Website: www.bigmouthband.com




White Chocolate is the newest great band to hit the Northeast Wisconsin music scene! We play a variety of high-energy dance music ranging from funk and classic rock to Motown and pop favorites. We are perfect for all occasions, whether you need top-notch entertainment for an outdoor festival or a band to rock your club or the perfect music to guarantee a great time for all the guests at your wedding, we can get the job done!

Be sure to check out our calendar to see when we will be in your neighborhood!  Thanks!!

Website: www.whitechocolaterocks.com